MTRA Work Program

When Managing the Scope, if you select Money Service Business as a business type, you have the option to select how you want to build the scope – manually or automatically using the MTRA Work Program.

Figure 1. MTRA Work Program badge
MTRA Work Program badge

Selecting the MTRA Work Program automatically populates the Area for Review (AFR) that correspond to the tabs in the work program. MTRA leadership has identified the AFRs appropriate for all MSB exams. These AFRs are referred to as “core” and are displayed in bold below.

Removing any of the core AFRs associated with the MTRA Work Program removes the MTRA Work Program badge from the SA.

  • Agent Review and Authorized Delegates
  • Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC
  • Foreign Currency and Foreign Agents
  • Information Technology and Cyber Security
  • MSB Financial Condition and Permissible Investments
  • Management and Board
  • Pre-Examination
  • Prepaid Access and Stored Value
  • Virtual Currency Management
Figure 2. Video: Removing the MTRA Work Program badge