SES Supervisory Activity Training

This program teaches users how to use the Supervisory Activity functionality in the State Examination System (SES), an online tool that facilitates supervisory processes between state agencies and companies.​

Available Programs

There are currently three different training programs based on system user roles:​

  1. Account Administrators
  2. EICs/Examiners​/Reviewers/Staff Users
  3. Staff Directors
Each program contains: ​
  • A kick-off video explaining how to complete the training program;​
  • A list of practice exercises to complete in the SES Training Environment; and ​
  • Knowledge check questions to complete in FLEX, our learning management system. ​

Program System Information

SSO uses Okta, a single sign-on service, to allow users access to all Okta-integrated CSBS applications through a secure homepage with a single password. Other Okta-integrated CSBS applications include the following:​

FLEX is our Learning Management System that hosts all of our training materials and is accessible through SSO.​

SES Training Environment is used by learners to practice system functionality. It offers users an opportunity to experience the features available in SES using fictitious data to mock-up real-world scenarios. This type of practice prepares the users with hands-on experience before they begin using the real SES environment. Usernames and passwords for accounts to the training environment are available for each agency to use whenever needed - whether you are trying SES out for the first time or learning about the latest system updates.​

Program Enrollment

We recommend you complete the training program that corresponds with the user role(s) you will have in the SES production environment. Select the appropriate program from the list below for the steps to self-enroll:​