Agency User Maintenance of Activities in SES

This policy addresses agency users’ responsibility to regularly maintain and update their Supervisory Activities (SAs) and Complaints in the system.

Approved 3/14/2023


Agency users are not restricted with regard to the number of examinations, investigations or complaints that can be initiated in SES. As the SA or complaint progresses in the system, it automatically reaches different milestones and statuses. However, to close or cancel SAs or complaints, the agency must go in the system and select the appropriate action. It is up to each agency to determine when to perform these actions in the system.

Failing to regularly maintain SAs or complaints in the system and to keep them up to date precludes agencies from efficiently engaging in networked supervision activities in the system. It also skews the statistical data that is shared with system users and other stakeholders, as there may be less examinations or complaints being conducted in the system that were not appropriately canceled.

Policy Provisions

Agencies must regularly maintain the SAs and complaints they initiate or lead in the system. This includes the prompt closure of an examination or investigation when it concludes, the prompt closure of a complaint when it is resolved, and the prompt cancelation of these listed activities should the agency determine that they will not go forward in the system.

Agencies should, on a regular basis, manage their SAs and complaints, and ensure that the system is appropriately reflecting the most recent status of such activities.

Under no circumstance should a SA or complaint remain open in SES without a justifiable reason. As a best practice, agencies should conduct a holistic review of their SAs and complaints in SES at least twice a year and close or cancel activities where appropriate.