Third Party User Role Policy

The State Examination System (SES) allows certain company users to add trusted third party users to the company account for the purposes of participating on specific supervisory activities (e.g. outside counsel or other consultants). Generally, these users are referred to in SES as third party users.

This policy establishes the expected use and purposes of the functions supporting third party user creation and management. For the purposes of this policy and SES in general, the term third party user refers to any user with access to SES that is not a company, state agency, support user or policy user.

Third Party User Access

Unlike company users, third party users are granted access to only certain supervisory activities, at the discretion of the company. Third party users can only view the supervisory activity (SA) or SAs to which they are assigned by the company, whereas company users have access to all supervisory activities associated to that company.

Third Party User Role in a Supervisory Activity

The use of a third party user is discretionary and the company determines the role the third party user will hold on a given supervisory activity. A third party user is able to hold the role of third party user (which performs similar to a contributor role), company lead or coordinator for any supervisory activity.

Third Party User Management

It is the company account administrator’s responsibility to manage the third party user roles. Third party users are automatically removed from the supervisory activity when the supervisory activity is closed or when the last Matter Requiring Attention is closed. Company account administrators may also remove the third party users from a supervisory activity at the company’s discretion.