SA Analytics Helpful Notes and Tips

Helpful information on how to use the SES SA Analytics tool in QlikView.

View Reports in Excel®

To view a report in Excel®, click the XL icon and the data will download as an Excel® file immediately.

Click the XL icon to download an Excel version of a report.


SA Analytics automatically filters for companies scheduled or examined by your agency. The bottom panel can be used to filter the data further.

Image of filters panel in QlikView.

SAs by Business Type Report

Use the + icon to expand this report to show SAs by milestone.

Business type grid expanded using + icon.

Scheduled SAs

The report flags SAs that have a Recent Exam. A Recent Exam is “Yes” if exam has been conducted on the company in the last 180 days. The exam closed date, SA ID and Scope are available for that SA.

Scheduled SAs grid in QlikView.

In Progress SAs

The Start Date field is determined by the day the first information request is sent to a company for the SA. If no information requests are sent, the date is determined by the first day the SA entered the “In-Flight” milestone.

In the report In Progress SAs, agency milestone averages are calculated for Planning, In-flight, Drafting, and Closing milestones.

The column Average Days in Milestone is based on each agency’s past exam timelines. For example, if the average time spent in Close Out is 14 days, it took on average 14 days for all that agency’s past exams to move from Close Out to Closed. Any SA exceeding that timeline is highlighted in red – as shown below.

In Progress SAs grid in QlikView.

Library Tab

This tab contains information about your agency’s information requests and procedures in the SES Library.

The standards usage dashboard shows your agency’s standards usage against the national average. The business type average is calculated by evaluating each exam’s ratio of state-specific to standard IRs and calculating the average for the entire agency for the selected business type.