L, M, N

SES Glossary of terms, L through N.

Lead Agency

In multi-state examinations, Lead Agency is the agency responsible for overseeing completion of examination tasks related to one or more components.

Leveraging an exam

Allows a state agency to use another agency's completed examination as a starting point to further conduct its own review of the company.


A collection of the resources used and/or created by a state regulatory agency that reside in the System to conduct their supervisory activities. Library items consist of procedures, information requests, references and areas for review.


Status indicators for a supervisory activity in SES: Pending, Scheduled, Planning, In-Flight, Drafting, Close Out, Closed.

Matters Requiring Attention

System functionality that allows a state agency to communicate and track issues or concerns that the agency expects a company to address at the conclusion of the examination or investigation.

Matters Requiring Attention (MRA)


Multi-state Examinations

An examination of an entity involving two or more states.

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry

A holistic system for licensing, registering, and supervising entities in the financial services industries.

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)



Non-core Procedures and Non-core Information Requests will not be automatically added to an exam or investigation, but can be easily added if appropriate. Attributes the system uses to determine IRs and procedures available for quick add:
  • Scope Type
  • Business Activities
  • AFR


Non-NMLS Entity

A record created for an unknown or unreachable entity that could be operating without a license. Non-NMLS entities are created by agency complaint users with the purpose of enabling tracking of these entities across agencies. Since they are unknown or unreachable, you cannot interact with them using SES, but complaints can be created against these entities to inform other agency users of their reported activity.