SES Glossary of terms, S.


Part of a Milestone. It occurs when the EIC defines the scope for the supervisory activity.


Outlines the focus areas of a supervisory activity.

Single Sign-On

The ability to use existing credentials for multiple software applications, thus requiring only one “log in” for the user.

Single-agency Examination

An examination conducted by a single agency. (Synonym: Independent Examination, Single Exam, Single‐state Exam)

Standard Information Request

An information request that is available to all agencies in the SES Library, added by CSBS.

Standard IRs and Procedures

These items are available in SES to facilitate the harmonization of exam activities among state agencies, by offering a uniform set of information requests and procedures for use by all state agency users. CSBS works and coordinates with its sister trade associations and agency working groups to implement, maintain, and update the standards in the system.

standard library items

State Examination System

State Examination System (SES)


State Regulatory Registry

A nonprofit subsidiary of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) that operates NMLS on behalf of state financial services regulatory agencies.

State Regulatory Registry (SRR)



Single or multi-state supervisory activity.

Staff Director or User

An agency user role in the System, responsible for identifying examinees and initiating examinations.

Supervisory Activity

An activity conducted by a state agency over a financial institution under its regulatory authority. It includes examinations, investigations, and enforcement actions.

Support Users

NMLS support staff who have been trained to provide assistance to system users.