SES Glossary of terms, O-P.


A type of finding in SES that a company should take into consideration in order to improve their overall risk management posture or compliance with an internal policy or regulatory expectation.

Onscreen Data Field

Data that is either typed in the System by the user, for example, a comment box that accompanies a file upload function in the System, or data that is generated by the System and displayed to SES users on their screens.

Package Assembler

An agency user role in the System, in charge of putting together the report of exam (ROE), all documentation, comments, and invoicing information. The package assembler can be the EIC or any staff user at your agency.


Any SES user that is assigned a role in the system on a supervisory activity.

Participating Agency

A regulatory agency that is taking part in an examination.


Part of a Milestone. It occurs when the EIC defines the scope for the supervisory activity.


Part of a Milestone. It occurs when a supervisory activity is initiated and reviewed by a regulatory agency and it is placed on their schedule.

Point of Contact

Point of Contact (POC)



Entries used to guide examiners during the examination in the review of company documentation or compliance with statutes, regulations, and other requirements.