SES Glossary of terms, A-B.

Accepting an exam

Used by an agency after conducting an internal assessment and determining that it can fully accept another agency's completed examination outright, without further review of the licensee and in lieu of conducting its own examination.

Accepted Scope

When an agency chooses to count another agency's SA as their own with minimal to no additional work. The agency may choose to send clarification questions to the company following review of the other agency’s SA depending on the information the agency has on file for the institution.


Status of an open supervisory activity.

Area for Review

A topic of regulatory review that can be used to define the scope of an examination or investigation. It assists in categorizing the Information Requests and Procedures in an examination.

Area for Review (AFR)



State agency that supervises the activities of the financial services industry under its regulatory authority.

Agency-Specific Library Items

Agencies can manage their own state-specific IRs, procedures, and references. These state-specific items should be unique or different from a standard library item, whereby the agency cannot rely solely on the standard.

agency library items

Alleged Violation

This type of potential finding is used only in the SES Consumer Complaints area of the system. An alleged violation is a potential finding against the company identified by the state agency during the handling of a complaint about the company in SES Consumer Complaints. Alleged violations are identified by the state agency during the agency’s research and assessment of facts and circumstances surrounding the consumer complaint, and communication with the company about the complaint.

Asset Review Date

The as-of date for certain asset portfolio data requested. This date is an optional field in the system and may not apply to certain business types.

Attachment File

Files that are uploaded to the System by SES users during the course of a supervisory activity.

Business Activity

Any activity a business engages in for the primary purpose of making a profit. This is a general term that encompasses all the economic activities carried out by a company during the course of business.

Business Type

The product or service offered by the financial institution to consumers.